Bainbridge Partners is an alternative investments specialist firm established in 2002, which caters to clients who rely on Alpha/Beta separation to construct their portfolios.

Bainbridge Partners' activities fall under two categories:

  • Pure alpha generation: We focus on strategies that aim to deliver uncorrelated returns, protecting from portfolio tail risk, targeting a beta of zero over the long term. Our portfolios operate within a very rigid risk management framework and maintain a high degree of liquidity.

    Alpha generation is achieved through multi-managers funds, quantitative trading strategies and discretionary strategies.

  • Dynamic beta participation: We focus on creating "Dynamic Beta" portfolios; these are effectively systematic, single or cross-asset class portfolios, built using diversified baskets of risk premia. The programs have a variable bias over the short to medium term but are neutral over the long term and rely on risk premia building blocks to diversify their exposure to the various asset classes they participate in.

    Dynamic beta participation is achieved through a series of single-manager quantitative trading strategies.

The firm manages assets for institutions, family offices, private banks and high net worth investors globally in commingled vehicles, dedicated managed accounts or mandates. Bainbridge is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom and also registered with the CFTC and NFA as a CTA in the U.S.